The Savannah Regional Minister Mr Saeed Muhazu Jibril has said that the Savannah region is poised for Investors.

2He said;
“I wish to tell the whole world and for that matter Ghana the Savannah Region is poised for all investors to come. What we are seeing today is Agriculture investment and there are many others like Inland Ports and as many are aware we have just executed one in the Deber area of the Central Gonja District, but we have a lot of investment opportunities that can curtail the unemployment situation we have here in the North”.

The Savannah Regional Minister made these comments when he spoke to the media during a visit to the Babato Community Farms in the Bole District of the Savannah region on 9th January, 2022.

Mr Muhazu Jibril explained that all Municipal and District Chief Executives of the region were in the Bole District as a coordinating Council adding “We actually came for a retreat to talk about government policies for the past year and what is ahead of us in today was designed to see investments by private people and government projects particularly the Bole District and one of the areas chosen is the Babator Community Farms”.

According to the Savannah Regional Minister the Babator Community Farms is one of the single biggest investment the Savannah Region has and it is owned by one investor who has a 100% stake.

The Regional Minister expressed delight in what he saw in the Babato community Farms and pledged to support it to become the hub for maize production in Ghana which will create thousandsof jobs for the youth in the Savannah region.

The minister also pledged to work with the Ministry of Energy for the Babato community Farms to be connected to the national grid since the Babator Community Farms buys so much fuel to power their machines for irrigation.

Mr Muhazu Jibril further promised to also talk to companies like, the Vegetables production Company, Cereals and to Buffer Stocks to always purchase from the Babato community Farms for the betterment of the Savannah region.

Mr Ibrahim Iskanda who works with Africa Agriculture Department Company disclosed that the Babato Community Farms is now managed by Obapak Ghana which is based in Techiman with 100% shares.

He added that, Obapak Ghana is into the farming of Onions, Maize, Soya Beans and other crops.

The Babato community Farms has a size of about 353 hectares.